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LumiBuild™ Magic Blocks

"Got this for my child, but my husband seems to be enjoying it more! You can build simple or more complicated structures to cater to different ages and to demonstrate different concepts. My child had great fun having the balls 'compete' with each other on similar runs! It's also a great quiet-time toy to let your older child play with if you have to be away with your baby and need the place to be relatively quiet. All in all, a great purchase. No regrets at all!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Angela Dixon
Verified Buyer

Children foster their imagination and creativity by playing with toys, developing appropriate social skills when they engage with other kids. Nowadays, the little ones are spending more time on screen such as watching YouTube and playing video games on their tablets. Excessive screen time can lead to developmental delays such as impaired motor skills, language problems, difficulty in communication, and emotional deficit.

LumiBuild™ Magic Blocks is an amazing blend of magnetic tiles, marble run tracks, and eye-popping LED lights. Inspires learning by playing, children acquire a strong sense of colors, shapes, numbers, artistry as well as develop engineering skills to design and build magnetic maze track structures. Explore endless possibilities, engaging the child in the world of geometry while honing their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination.


GLOW IN THE DARK: Watch the shimmering large marbles roll down the 3D magnetic maze tracks in an assiduously designed light show! LumiBuild™ immerse kids with fun and educational activity while keeping them off screens.

FOSTER IMAGINATION: Inspiring children to create their own imaginative world, LumiBuild™ brings their ideas to life. It stimulates their little minds to envisage endless designs, enhancing their creativity and spatial ability.

LEARN THROUGH PLAY: From building 2D simple numbers to a multi-level 3D marble run track, each child crafts their very own masterpiece. Children playing with LumiBuild™ acquire a strong sense of color, shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

FAMILY BONDING: LumiBuild™ is an excellent hands-on activity for the whole family to accomplish multi-level and complicated structures together. It is great for parent-child bonding with hours of fun time, enhancing social skills.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Easy to construct and easy to store, LumiBuild™ features premium quality magnetic maze building blocks. Play with peace of mind knowing that the playset is being held together firmly by sturdy magnets.

UNLIMITED SCALE: With LumiBuild™, kiddos explore endless hours of fun being a little architect or engineer, upsizing their very own creation. Unlike typical toys, the size of the structure is scaled up easily by adding more magnetic pieces.

We understand the solicitousness witnessing our children constantly on-screen rather than hands-on activities that are beneficial to their growth. It can be frustrating having to constantly keep a tab on the kids to protect them from the risks associated with excessive screen time. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health shows that children spending approximately two hours on screens have lower thinking and language processing capabilities.

With LumiBuild™, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer need to worry about kids endlessly keeping their eyes fixated on screens! LumiBuild™ stimulates more than their creativity and problem-solving skills, it brings out the little engineers in them. Now children can enjoy a newfound screen-free activity that captures their imagination and keep them focused, promoting healthy learning and development.


Starter Pack:   49 PCS
Intermediate: 110 PCS
Advanced:      202 PCS
Ultimate:        292 PCS


(1) x Set of LumiBuild™ Magic Blocks
(1) x User Manual

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