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Domino Choo-Choo Train Set

Domino Choo-Choo Train Set

Remember that one time when you were 5 and you spent hours playing with dominoes? Yeah, we did too. Our Domino Choo-Choo Train Set is here to bring back all of the nostalgic memories of childhood playtime, only this time it's better than ever. We've added in some new features like automated laying and safe construction vehicle dominoes, so kids can have even more fun! Plus, it encourages STEM development! They're finished with safe non-toxic paints that will never fade. They're made from high-quality plastic with smooth edges to ensure your children's safety.

Domino Choo-Choo Train Features:

  • [IMMERSIVE FUN] - This brand-new Choo-Choo Train toy can let the domino construction vehicle release a long enough formation. Add an additional set of road construction props to make the children immersive.
  • [ENCOURAGES STEM DEVELOPMENT] - Designed to engage kids in their early STEM development, our Dominoes encourages children’s spatial thinking abilities, color recognition and will keep your little engineers coming back for more fun.
  • [AUTOMATIC LAYING FUNCTION] - While the train is driving, it lays a line of colorful dominoes automatically! Once the domino placement is complete, let your kid push the first domino and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over!
  • [SAFE TO PLAY WITH] - Our toy train and dominoes are finished with safe, non-toxic paints that will never fade. They're made from high-quality plastic with smooth edges to ensure your safety.
  • [PERFECT GIFT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS] - Have you been looking for a fun toy that not only keeps the kiddos entertained but is also a great gift for Christmas, Halloween, or just to brighten your day? This is it!

How to Play?

  • Pull out the clip cover of the domino loader and fill it with dominoes.
  • Insert the loaded clip into the top of the train.
  • Be sure to install two AA batteries at the bottom of the train.
  • Power on the train by the switch on the left.
  • When the train starts moving, it automatically lays dominoes.
  • Hear the sound effect of a real train when the train is driving.
  • Turn the chimney to change the driving direction.
  • Be creative, you can create various interesting domino layouts.

Smooth & Safe
Eco-Friendly Materials

Smooth edges protect kid's hand from hurt

Nylon gear makes dominoes lay smoothly

Made using eco-friendly materials 

Package Includes

  • 1 x Box
  • 1 x Toy Train
  • 60 x Dominoes
  • 1 x Domino Clip
  • 1 x Steering ornaments

Your Kids Will Love It

** Warning. Choking hazard. Contain small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.