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Floatie Baby™ Swim Trainer

"This is totally worth the $$$, our baby absolutely loves this float!!! After wasting money on four different less expensive floats, we ended up coming back to this one, it is super cute, super comfy and safe, keeps her head above water, and is helping her learn to kick because her feet stay behind her, she happily swims in this float for hours!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Eric Oehlert
 Verified Buyer

Having the baby safely in the water with the rest of the family on a day of pool fun is simply amazing. Unfortunately, most infant swim aids are low-quality inflatables that do not provide adequate support for the little one. These air-filled floats can potentially leak air, resulting in the baby slowly sinking into the water, putting the little one at risk of drowning and ruining the perfect day of fun.

Floatie Baby™ is a high-quality, non-inflatable swim trainer that supports the baby in a natural position with a five-point adjustable safety harness and anti-flip system. This allows the little one to kick and splash instinctively in the water while developing hand-feet coordination and balancing skills. Experience the joys of having the baby safely in the water, and joining in the fun activities with the rest of the family.


AIRLESS TRAINER: Made of high-buoyancy pearl foam material, Floatie Baby™ always keeps the baby afloat. Say goodbye to blowing up inflatables every time the little one gets in the pool.

5-POINT SAFETY HARNESS: Floatie Baby™ comes with a five-point safety buckle and leg support crotch strap. This ensures the baby is snugly secured and prevents the baby from slipping down the float.


ANTI-FLIP DESIGN: Unlike typical swim aids, Floatie Baby™ is built with widened sides for superior buoyancy and perfect balancing. This unique design prevents the baby from flipping over from all sides.

ELEVATED HEADREST: Designed with a 40° raised cushioned headrest, Floatie Baby™ supports the little one's head comfortably. The elevated headrest keeps the baby's face well above the water surface.

DETACHABLE CANOPY: Floatie Baby™ shields the baby's delicate skin and eyes with a detachable UPF 50+ sunshade canopy. Enjoy floating and splashing around the pool with maximum sun protection.

LEARN SWIMMING: Floatie Baby™ holds the little one in a natural breaststroke or backstroke position. This allows the baby to learn how to swim instinctively while honing hand-feet coordination skills.




1. Place the baby in

2. Fold in the velcro flaps

3. Clip on the safety harness

4. Adjust the straps to fit snugly

5. Attach the canopy (if required)


We understand the anxiety every time we dip our baby in the water to join the rest of the family. It can be very frustrating having constantly to worry about air leakage and watching the little one slowly sinking into the pool. According to past records, two versions of inflatables were recalled in 2017 for failing to meet safety standards, and one well-known brand recalled 3,000 of its products in 2015 after 54 reports of burst seams.

With Floatie Baby™, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with air leaks and sinking babies! Floatie Baby™ keeps the child afloat while providing an instant peace of mind in a secure and comfortable swimming environment. Experience the joys of watching the little munchkin having pool fun with the rest of the family by kicking, splashing, and lounging with newfound confidence!



Width: 18.3 inch
Suitable for Babies: 3 to 24 months
Max Allowable Weight: Up to 40 lbs


(1) x Floatie Baby™ Swim Trainer
(1) x Detachable Canopy

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