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Genius 9 In 1 Vegetable Cutter

Perfectly cut vegetables in no time! This Genius 9 in 1 vegetable cutter can do everything. It slices, shreds, grates, cuts with 7 easily replaceable blades with a direct drainage system that eases meal preps!

Use as a vegetable shredder: 
Attach one of the cutting heads to the cutter, then slice/shred/grate/cut the vegetables directly into the bowl.The cutter comes with 7 different cutting heads + 1 slicing knife, you can use it according to your needs.

    Save precious water: 
    Typically, each cooking process consumes an average of 20 liters of water. Using this genius bowl, only 10 liters of water will be consumed per cooking process. Therefore, compared with placing vegetables directly under tap water, using an automatic balancing colander can save up to 3,600 liters of water per year!

      Prevent food from falling into the sink during washing: 
      Wash cut vegetables or other food conveniently and quickly. Rinse fruits and vegetables in water without worrying about fruits and vegetables dropping into the basin when pouring out the water. The bowl has a rotating clasp that allows you to pour the water out while ensuring that all food is held well in the ash-colored colander bowl.

      Food defroster: 
      It is very easy to defrost meat and other frozen foods. The colander lifts up your meat and allows the melted water to flow down so that it doesn't mess up or wet your food.

        Use as a salad bowl
        Remove the colander from the bowl and use it as a salad bowl.

        Save time and energy
        Use the Genius 9 in 1 vegetable cutter to effortlessly cut, wash and rinse the vegetables directly in the bowl to save a lot of time, water and energy.
          Genius 9 In 1 Vegetable Cutter is a MUST HAVE for every kitchen!


          • Color: white and gray
          • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 11 cm 
          • Material: high-quality PP material 

            Package includes

            • 1x White-colored bowl with anti-slip handle
            • 1x Ash-colored colander bowl 
            • 1x Detachable vegetable cutter 
            • 7x Cutting heads
            • 1x Peeling knife: Easily make delicious potato chips at home.


            • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.