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KneeMax Pro™ Compression Sleeve

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"One of the best things about KneeMax Pro is that it does not roll down! It was super easy to put on and it’s comfortable when I walk and move around. It alleviates my pain from arthritis and I really feel so much better with it. I’m definitely going to buy another one as a backup - do yourself a favor and just order it already!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alex Owens
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Knee discomfort can disrupt daily routine such as having difficulties going up and down the stairs, bending down, or just getting around the house. This results in loss of confidence, missing out on family activities and sitting out on favorite exercises such as hiking or riding a bike. The long-term effects of constant pressure on the sore knees can cause further damage to the joints and ligaments, and in some cases, lead to knee surgery.

KneeMax Pro™ features a complete knee support system that combines the stability of a brace with the flexibility of a sleeve. KneeMax Pro™ provides snug compression to the knee from all sides, relieves pressure between the joints, helping them to glide instead of grind. Experience the joys of getting back to physical activities and social events while keeping the knees well-supported and protected.



Alleviates Knee Pain: KneeMax Pro™ adopts meniscus stimulators that provide a warming and massaging sensation on the knee. It gently massages the knee during motion, improving blood circulation and alleviating pain.

Acupressure Pad: Fitted with an acupressure pad, KneeMax Pro™ constantly massages the kneecap with every movement. This allows the synovial fluid to lubricate the knee joint, helping them glide instead of grind.

Side Bolsters: KneeMax Pro™ is innovatively designed with two elastic support at the sides to relieve pressure between the knee joint. These bolsters protect and support the knee from all sides, prevents twists and sprains while maintaining full range movement.

Anti-Slip Strip: The non-slip strip keeps KneeMax Pro™ up and stays in position supporting the knee joint. Enjoy climbing a hill, running, cycling, or any exercise with full confidence knowing that the knee pad is constantly in place.

Promotes Faster Recovery: KneeMax Pro™ improves blood circulation to the knee by aligning and holding the knee joint in the correct posture. The increased blood flow carries important nutrients to the knee area, resulting in faster recovery.

Premium Quality: Made of 3D knitted fabric, KneeMax Pro™ is breathable, moisture-wicking, and super lightweight. Experience ultimate comfort, slim, and discreet knee compression sleeve that is truly enjoyable to wear.

We understand how painful and uncomfortable the knees can get due to aging, injury, or repeated stress on the joints. It can be very frustrating having our motion restricted and sitting out on favorite sports or family activities. A recent study shows that the average hyaluronic injection costs a minimum of $800USD, just to get back to moving without pain!

With KneeMax Pro™, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with sore and wobbly knees! KneeMax Pro™ stabilizes more than the joint, it provides instant peace of mind in a comfortable and stable wearing experience. Enjoy newfound confidence, with the support system that keeps the knee sturdy, alleviating pain and allowing freedom to move just like in the younger days!



Size M:
Length: 28 cm / 11 inch
Circumference: 32-47 cm / 12-18 inch
Suitable for weight: 50-65 kg / 110-143 lbs
Size L:
Length: 28 cm / 11 inch
Circumference: 35-50 cm / 14-20 inch
Suitable for weight: 65-75 kg / 143-165 lbs
Size XL:
Length: 28 cm / 11 inch
Circumference: 38-53 cm / 15-21 inch
Suitable for weight: 75-100 kg / 165-220 lbs


(1) x KneeMax Pro™ Compression Sleeve

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