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MagBuild™️ Magic Blocks

"Got this for my child, but my husband seems to be enjoying it more! You can build simple or more complicated structures to cater to different ages and to demonstrate different concepts. My child had great fun having the balls 'compete' with each other on similar runs! It's also a great quiet-time toy to let your older child play with if you have to be away with your baby and need the place to be relatively quiet. All in all, a great purchase. No regrets at all!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Angela Dixon
✅ Verified Buyer

Keep your child occupied and entertained for hours! Have fun all day with MagBuild™️ Magic Blocks. It encourages STEM learning, stimulates kids’ creativity, enhances hands-on ability and problem-solving skills. Let the learning become fun and vivid, a great way for kids to interact with friends and enjoy hours of fun. Keep your kids off screens and keep them busy so that you can get work done from home.

MagBuild™️ Magic Blocks is an amazing blend of magnetic tiles and marble run tracks with dazzling led lights. Stack of magnetic pieces is easily dismantled and reassembled over and over again. They can be combined into a variety of models from 2D simple numbers to 3D geometry and different marble run track structures. Explore endless possibilities, only limited by the child's imagination!


✅ TRIPLE FUN: Magnetic tiles meet marble run with dazzling LED lights. Create a marble run light-show with MagBuild™️! Children will be attracted by the lighted-up balls running down the tracks. Experience speed and passion, feel the joy and accomplishment of building and creating different run track structures.

✅ STEM EDUCATION: It's never too early to start developing kids' imagination! Children playing with MagBuild™️ will acquire a strong sense of color, shape recognition, spatial ability, hand-eye coordination, patience, and problem-solving skills. From building 2D simple numbers to a multi-level marble run track, each child creates his/her own design using their own creativity!

✅ LEARN PHYSICS: Let the kiddos observe how the lighted-up balls run. Why does the ball sometimes go fast while other times go slow? Why does the ball get stuck at certain zones? How to create a perfect run track? Through magnetic race track building, children learn the principles of speed, acceleration, deceleration, physics, and gravity.

✅ KEEP CHILDREN OCCUPIED: An exceptional toy for both boys and girls, it keeps them focused to construct a multi-dimensional structure. Build simple or more advanced structures to cater to different ages and to demonstrate different concepts. MagBuild™️ is a great toy that keeps children occupied for hours, while parents get to enjoy their own me-time.

✅ FAMILY BONDING: MagBuild™️ is a great hands-on activity for the whole family! Accomplish multi-level and complex structures together. Figure out how to join up all the different parts and make them work seamlessly. Children will have great fun having the lighted-up balls compete with each other on similar runs!

We understand how mood and productivity can be severely affected when the children get restless and bored of their existing toys. It can be very frustrating trying to get them off your back, just to get some quiet time or work done from home.

With MagBuild™️, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with restless children! MagBuild™️ stimulates more than their creativity and problem-solving skills, it brings out the little engineers in them. Now, you can either choose more family bonding time or me-time to relax yourself every day!


Starter Pack:   49 PCS
Intermediate: 110 PCS
Advanced:      202 PCS
Ultimate:        292 PCS


(1) x Set of MagBuild™️ Magic Blocks
(1) x User Manual

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